Things that make any wedding planner swoon: clients that are responsive, vendors that are on time, and a well-designed tablescape.

The latter, a tablescape, adheres to an overall look and helps create a mood. By definition, a tablescape can include centerpieces and general table décor. It’s how a meal and intentional gathering is planned and presented – from the flowers, to the cutlery, to the linens. To an event planner, a tablescape represents sharp design that enhances and elevates an event. It’s a time for creative expression and exploration. 




And the key to creating a swoon-worthy tablescape? 




Too often, we see tablescapes that are over adorned. Rather than throwing everything and anything on a table in the hopes that it will come together, our approach to tablescapes is refined and calculated. For any burgeoning tablescape aficionados, a few tips we swear by:


  1. Honor your theme and find inspiration

When you’re designing a tablescape, keep in mind what the rest of your event will look like. Is there a color or theme you’d like to emphasize? Will the tablescape be the centerpiece of your event style? Is there a way to incorporate additional elements of your event in the tablescape?




       2) Simplicity and quality are key

We can’t stress this one enough – start with the basics and then expand. Determine one or two key elements (a certain plant or accessory) and then design the rest of your tablescape around said elements. Source quality pieces to level up the table aesthetic and make sure that table accessories are low enough to encourage community and conversation.



       3) Consider what you’ll be serving 

Tablescapes and events are really just an excuse for an elaborate meal. Before planning your design, plan your meal. If you’re hoping to dish up a colorful and complex dish, it may be more effective to design a simple and subdued table.



       4) Incorporate texture 

Tablescapes with textures make us go va-va-voom. From incorporating branches, to a diverse collection of fabrics, adding texture to a tablescape will create an enticing design to complement any event. 


If designing a tablescape is over your head, give us a shout. As any creative knows, the chance to fully express through a variety of materials is a dream. Designing impactful tablescapes is one of our favorite parts of wedding planning – let us help!

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