Photograph by Tiffany Brittin Photography

We spent some time with a recent bride of ours to find out about her experience, Katharine got married in November 2018 in Jupiter Florida.

 How would you describe Katie and 59 & Bluebell?

Easy! I remember thinking this the day of my wedding. She is like a swimming duck. Cool, calm and collected above the water but paddling like crazy where no one can see.

Did you have a vision before your initial meeting with Katie?

I wouldn’t say a vision, I had a feeling I knew I wanted, dreamy, intimate, romantic but not overly bridal. I showed her some photos I liked and talked to her about what I did not like. I would not say I was the typical bride as I was not overly excited about the planning process but the more time I spent with Katie the more I got excited. I honestly put complete and total trust in her and didn’t even know what our reception room was really going to look like until I got in the room after our ceremony – and I am so glad I did! It was EXACTLY what I wanted and so much more.

What do you wish you had done differently?

 Listened to Katie more! There were some things she told me we should do, items to triple check, communication with family etc. That looking back if I had listened it may have caused a tiny headache during but would have saved me a giant headache after.

Your pictures are beautiful. What was your favorite part?

Well, getting married of course but I would say the details in the room. Katie created a very sweet vintage desk to showcase photos of my husband and I’s Grandparents who have passed away. I wanted to pay tribute to them in a small and sweet way but I knew I would cry if I had to speak about them. This was a perfect way to add them to our special day. My one contribution came as Katie started to get me excited,  I found a place that would make the name cards out of laser cut wood. It turned out so great, a little rustic to make the evening a tad more casual and was a fun takeaway for guests.

Your colors were grey and purples with green accents. How did you come up with them?

Honestly, I don’t think I did (laughing). I wanted a seaside dream and knew grey would be very fitting for that to keep it demure and magical. My one thing from the beginning was I did not want everything to feel overly ‘wedding’ I wanted a celebration and did not want the typical florals etc. Katie came up with more greenery for the room and the bouquets to look more like I picked them out of a field myself, wild and free to not look overly done. I ended up with my bouquet being a cluster of purple caspia along with dried lavender all hand tied with light ivory ribbon. My bridesmaids had a small cluster of Purple Statius with drops of caspia all tied together with small dainty ribbon. Although my flower girl got overwhelmed and did not actually throw her flowers as she walked and ended up just dumping them all at the end of the aisle (laughing) she had dried lavender which was a perfect, simple and aromatic approach.

How pretty! Do you have anything to add?

The day was even more beautiful than I imagined. My recommendation for other brides is to trust Katie. She does not give herself enough credit or brag about herself enough. When she says she understands your vision, trust me, she probably understands your vision (and budget!) better than you do.

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