Katie and her team were AMAZING throughout the entire planning process. Katie was always super responsive and there for me whenever I needed a sounding board. She always made me feel like I was her first priority. On our wedding day, Katie and her assistant Tate made sure everything went perfectly and that I wouldn’t have to worry about a thing. We truly would not have had such a magical day without them!! Thank you 59&Bluebell!!
To try and find words to thank Katie Arbogast and her team at 59 & Bluebell are hard to find. With the most important day on the line, my nerves were definitely higher than normal and Katie knew just what to say to make us feel at ease. Everything from the walk thru of the space to negotiating price, was handled by Katie. Having her on my side made the wedding planning so much more enjoyable. I was actually able to live in a “wedded bliss” state of mind during our year and half engagement versus the “pinching pennies” and “counting every dollar that went out of pockets” mind frame.
On the day of the wedding, Katie was great. She checked in often and made sure I felt comfortable and at ease. I was very calm that morning which is 100% because of her. She left me enjoy the day getting ready and spending time with my bridal party and family. She did her job so well that it wasn’t until later I found out she asked the lawn maintenance team at the Country Club to chop a few tree branches down as they were in the way of my Chuppah. To say the least, the video of seeing a tree branch getting sawed down to accommodate your wedding, is a story I will always cherish.
To say that Katie and her team at 59 & Bluebell are invaluable is an understatement. She made our wedding one of a kind that no one will ever be able to compare to. I am lucky enough to keep in touch with Katie now and I am lucky to call her more than just my wedding planner, she is only a friend.
We met Katie 4 months before our wedding and after speaking with her we knew she would be a great investment. Initially a wedding planner was never in our budget and never thought we’d be able to have someone to help us plan but from her professionalism, confidence, and out-going personality it made our decision to hire her so simple. From that point on, she made our lives so much easier with the planning and execution of our wedding. Katie helped negotiate contracts, gave great advice, kept us on track, knew so many contacts for vendors, wanted to get to know us more as a couple and family, always offered a helping hand (even if it wasn’t wedding related – decorating our daughter’s first birthday party), and was just really easy to work with. Our wedding weekend was flawless. She did such a wonderful job listening to what I envisioned and this sounds cliche, but we honestly could not have done this without her. We had no idea how much work, time, and effort goes into a wedding and she was with us all the way through. Katie was fabulous – I would recommend her to anyone in a heartbeat and with full confidence she would make the vision of your wedding a reality.
In a last minute planning decision I met with Katie Arbogast to help me tie up loose ends and discuss coordinating the most anticipated day of my life. From the minute we started talking about the details and what I was looking for I felt completely at ease in her hands. I was able to easily get across the things that were the most important to me that day and the things I needed her to take the lead in without me. She gave me the confidence every bride needs going into their dream day. She made her self available to me when ever I needed leading up to the day of the wedding. When the day finally came I can say I truly had the most magical experience and it is with no doubt that Katie made that possible for me. With an outdoor, and untented, ceremony planned and a few wedding sprinkles just before I was planned to walk down the aisle, there was nothing that could have happened that I didn’t feel completely prepared for. When the day came I was able to say to Katie, “You know what I want and I trust you will make it beautiful.” To be able to step out of planning mode and truly enjoy each moment of my day allowed me to have the most incredible memories to last a lifetime. None of that would have been possible had it not be for the assurance I felt in Katie. If I could have that day over and over again I would, but not unless I could have Katie there!
Katie was absolutely fantastic! She was instrumental in the planning, budgeting and overall wedding experience for my wedding in October 2013. There were so many things that I didn’t know the process on or that I even had to do before the wedding (Seriously, who knows that you have to tip all your vendors at the end?? And how much!) Since I had never planned a wedding before, Katie was amazing in helping me realize what I would be able to get for my price point and what vendors were overcharging. She practically paid for her services by saving me money in other places! She made things easy – which is such a big deal when compared to the stress that normally comes from planning a wedding. I couldn’t recommend Katie more!
My husband and I were married October 2016 and I’d like to share how thankful I am that Katie was there on my big day. For those who are uncertain if they need a wedding coordinator, let me just tell you it’s worth every penny. I chose Katie as I immediately felt comfortable with her after sitting down and discussing my expectations and vision. I fully trusted that she would ensure everything ran smoothly on the day of my wedding and I think that’s so important to have as you are sharing one of the most important days of your life with your planner. I was one of the first of my friends to get married so I was totally lost on where to begin and what I could find on the internet. Well, what the internet does not share is how overwhelming the week before the wedding is and how fast the day of your wedding goes by. I thought I had everything done, and once the week of the wedding came I was swapped with appointments, friends and family flying in and that’s where Katie stepped in, allowing me to keep my sanity. From stopping by my house and taking all of the gift bags and signs days before the wedding to running around picking up my cake the day of the wedding, dropping off the guys boutonnieres, and setting up the reception exactly how I envisioned it (and this she did spur of the moment since my catering manager decided to go rogue and do his own set up) , allowing me to sit back , relax and take in how amazing a wedding day truly is. Katie delivered on every task I envisioned, even bringing out IT skills she probably didn’t know she had, when I insisted the Gator game play at my reception! At the reception she made sure I was having a good time, reminding my husband and I to eat, grabbing us drinks when every family member and friend was approaching as we were trying to start rounds to say hi and come to them J. Even as the reception was ending I didn’t have anything to worry about other than heading back to the room with my new hubby! Katie took care of boxing all the decorations and guest book and had them ready for me with out my family or friends worrying about a thing! Needless to say, Katie is some one you can trust to deliver and believe me this is WORTH YOUR INVESTMENT. THANK YOU KATIE!!!
if you’re on the fence about whether to hire a wedding planner or not…don’t waste any more time deciding! even if you love to plan things, you need the guidance and experience of a seasoned pro like Katie! she will handle all of those stressful and mysterious details like timeline, who shows up when, etc. If there’s any issues with vendors, she will fight for you to make it right! Katie has a wonderful database of vendors as well.
I wish I could give Katie more than 5 stars. She was, by far, the best decision (besides getting married) my husband and I made for our wedding. We hired her over a year out from our wedding as just a “month of coordinator” but she was consistently in contact with us throughout the planning process. Even in the middle of planning her own wedding she answered all of my emails and texts promptly. She worked with our budget and I never felt like she was pushing any “extras” on us (which seems to be a thing in the wedding industry). The day of the wedding I never heard of any issues. I was able to relax and enjoy my time getting ready. Katie made sure my husband and I ate our meals at the wedding and was always there when we needed her. I would hire her a million times over! Thank you Katie for making our day that much more special.
Katie and her team truly made my wedding celebration a dream come true. We were able to enjoy our day knowing that Katie was taking care of everything. From setting everything up, to making the caterer fix their mistake, to picking up my flowers and putting together the arrangements, her team took care of it all! I originally planned on doing most of the setting up myself, and I am so happy that my sister recommended Katie. When we arrived, there was nothing for use to do, it looked incredible. It was amazing to be able to celebrate our special day with our friends and family without having do worry about a thing. Thank you so much for making our special day of beautiful and stress free.
Katie and her team are the absolute best and I can’t say enough great things about them. She was professional, on top of everything and I didn’t worry about one thing on our wedding day, as I knew she had it under control. She went above and beyond to make sure our day was absolutely perfect.
Katie and her team were amazing! I used her for month of coordination and it was so worth it! She always knew how to reassure me everything was going to be fine-and it was. She was always there for me when I needed to go over detailed information and she decorated the reception room to the T! Katie makes it a point to keep the bride and groom happy throughout the night. She brought us our own appetizer tray during photos and would personally refill our champagne glasses all night. Highly recommend!!
Katie at 59 & Bluebell was nothing short of a dream come true. I originally decided to plan my wedding all on my own, and halfway through, I realized I bit off more than I could chew. I NEEDED help. I reached out to Katie and within minutes we had a meeting on the books. We met for a casual lunch, and the relief was immediate. She was calm and collected when I threw 5000 things that I had only half planned. “I got this”, she said. Right then, I knew I had made the right decision. Fast forward 6 months or so, and my wedding day dreams became a reality. She helped make my vision come alive, and it was the most beautiful day I had ever been a part of. I felt like a guest at my own wedding because everything from arrival to departure was seamless. I can only imagine what would have happened had we not had the extra beauty and brains on deck. If you’re lucky, you might even gain a life long friend out of the deal, just like I did. The only way I could ever repay her for the memories she helped make is to write this review, and share her God given talents with the world. If you’re looking for someone to help plan your wedding from the get go, the month of, or even the DAY OF, don’t hesitate to call her. You won’t regret it.
Katie and her team came highly recommended by multiple friends of mine, and as soon as I met with Katie for the very first time, I knew INSTANTLY she was exactly who I needed to both plan and execute the most gorgeous wedding that, in hindsight, I honestly don’t think would have been possible for us without her! After just a brief phone call, it was crystal clear to me that Katie is not only experienced, capable, and fairly priced, but most noteworthy to me, she is undeniably passionate about and committed to every wedding she plans. I love how customizable her company’s services are, meeting each client’s individual needs throughout the planning process. Katie not only brought my wedding vision to life, she personally connected me with the dreamiest vendors in my area, as affordable as they are talented, who all collaborated seamlessly to allow me to relax and fully enjoy my wedding day! I originally thought I could do it on my own, and I will tell any bride I meet, hiring Katie for our wedding was the best wedding planning decision I ever made!
Katie from 59 & Bluebell is simply the best. She truly brought our vision to life on our wedding day. She recommended the best vendors available while staying within our budget, and offered amazing suggestions. Plus she has great connections with all sorts of wedding vendors. Katie checked in with me constantly throughout planning our wedding and always welcomed my questions. She made sure the wedding planning wasn’t stressful and made our wedding day go smoothly. Plus everything, from the table linens to the cake table, was set up perfectly. I would highly recommend Katie and 59 & Bluebell
My number one tip to all newly-engaged brides: hire a planner. My second tip: make sure it’s 59 & Bluebell. As my husband and I have been saying since the moment we started working with 59 & Bluebell, Katie is world class. I can’t fully put into words how amazing our experience was, other than to say it was like a breath of fresh air. We planned our Charleston elopement in under 5 months and Katie took such a huge weight off of our shoulders and made our entire day go so flawlessly. You can fully trust her to see your vision and go above and beyond to create the most magical event. She kept us organized and made the entire experience so special, and I seriously cannot imagine our day without her.
Katie and her crew made our day so unbelievably effortless. I could not imagine anyone being a better coordinator. She seemed more like a friend by the end of the experience. Like a best friend. Like the friend that always made sure you got to eat drink and have fun at your own wedding. Thanks so much for making our day what it was!!
Katie is an absolute asset to the wedding planning process. The vendors that Katie has connections with and recommend were amazing, particularly the florist, DJ, and photographers. Normally on wedding day, the mother of the bride would be very stressed and frantic but not with Katie. I was able to relax with my daughter all morning and afternoon as my daughter and the rest of the wedding party got ready instead of stressing. This is because Katie handled everything the day of wedding, from making sure vendors were arriving on time to ensuring our personal wedding touches, like the guest book and pictures of the couples, were in place and looking great. Being stress free on the day of the wedding was so rewarding and I can’t thank Katie enough – I would highly recommend her!
KimberlyMother of the Bride
If you’re going to hire a wedding planner, make sure it’s 59 & Bluebell. You won’t regret it! We would have been lost in the planning process if we didn’t have Katie!
Words can’t express the gratitude that is have for Katie and her team at 59andbluebell! Not only was she with me every step of the way, she was professional, connected, had wonderful ideas, and most importantly knew how to balance and please all of the personalities involved in my planning process! My wedding was held at the Four Seasons Palm Beach where she assisted me in picking the perfect vendors and coronated every detail flawlessly while keeping us all grounded. I could not recommend a better planner, wish for a better experience, or could picture my day/planning process without her! She knows how make a bride not only feel special, but relaxed because you know that you are in the best hands!
It was a real pleasure to work with Katie. Her positivity made wedding planning a joy rather than a hassle and the network of vendor partners she has built over time were equally positive and a true delight to work with. Her professionalism the day of our wedding made everything flow more smoothly than I could ever have imagined allowing me to truly enjoy the day without having to worry about anything. Katie truly went above and beyond — from the snack she spontaneously brought me during my hair appointment the day of my wedding, to attending all of my many dress fittings, to continuously volunteering to help however she could. I am tremendously grateful to her for making wedding planning FUN and a JOY. Thank you, Katie!
Katie, you are AMAZING! I cannot thank you enough for making our big day SO perfect! Between helping us plan, to the day of, you were so incredible! The fact that you made sure the groom and I got apps during our pictures, and we both ate dinner (even made me a plate) was the sweetest! If you are looking for your day of coordinator or planner, I couldn’t recommend Katie enough!
Katie was amazing to work with. Any issue I had, question or task I had for her…she got it done no questions asked! The ideas she has are amazing. I am forever grateful for her hard work. As I pulled up to walk down the isle at my outdoor wedding it started to pour. Katie was on point watching the weather radar, wiping down 100 chairs , and calling me at the same Time telling me about a 10 minute window we had to get this ceremony done outside. Needless to say, that girl got it done. She is worth every penny just alone for that moment with the rain. I can’t express enough how amazing she is. I highly recommend her to everyone!
I know most will say that their wedding planner was the greatest but we seriously have no words and know there is not a single planner that comes close to comparing to Katie and 59 and Bluebell. She was without a doubt the best decision we made when planning our wedding. From the first phone conversation with Katie our minds were at ease. Katie went above and beyond and way past duties of a typical planner to give us the wedding of our dreams and we are forever grateful. Not only is she incredibly talented, organized, professional, and the most on-it person ever, she is so genuine and down to earth, which makes any stress feel like a breeze. She made planning so much fun and became a great friend through the process. We knew with Katie our wedding weekend was going to be nothing short of amazing, but had no idea it would be as incredible as it was, and that is 100% thanks to Katie. We love you Katie- & anyone reading this do yourself the biggest favor and hire her asap.
My husband and I were lucky enough to have the help of Katie from 59 & Bluebell to make our dream wedding a reality. At our first meeting with Katie she asked what our dream wedding would be. After explaining what I could, Katie suggested our wedding venue, which we had never heard of before. Once we visited it we fell in love. Katie helped us with all of the details from finding a photographer, a caterer, and DJ, to helping us with a wedding timeline and rentals. On the day of, we did not have to worry about one single thing, Katie and her team took care of everything! We could not have had the perfect wedding we wanted if we didn’t have her. I would recommend Katie to anyone!! The best ever!
Katie was wonderful to work with! She listened to our needs and ideas and helped to make our vision come to life. I hired her to help with the month of/day of the wedding. She kept us on target with the last minute details, working with all the vendors, and she stayed until after the wedding ended making sure everything went smoothly. It was a beautiful stress-free day because of Katie! I highly recommend her! Such a lovely person to work with.
KellyMother of the Groom
Katie and her team were amazing beyond words throughout the whole process! As someone who plans events and knows all the things that can go wrong on event days, I never once was worried or stressed that Katie and her team wouldn’t be able to make sure everything was perfect! I was able to relax and enjoy myself and not have to worry about any little issues. I can’t thank Katie enough for her wonderful support and for making it the best day/night ever!

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