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We’ll let you in on a secret: wedding planning is not an easy task. From coordinating vendors, to finding the right venue, to juggling a strict budget, we see couples make wedding planning mistakes all the time. Along the way, those overlooked details can have a serious impact on the flow of your wedding day and most importantly, your sanity. 

Unless you plan weddings for a living (shameless self-promotion), you’re bound to make a few mistakes along the way. To help keep you sane, we’ve compiled a list of common wedding planning mistakes we see time and time again: 


  1. Working without a realistic budget


We get it. Weddings are a milestone that deserve to be properly honored – but that doesn’t mean you should go broke. 


Venue rentals, catering services, and other little details add up financially, so it’s best to be prepared with a predetermined budget that allows you to make wise decisions. We recommend setting a realistic budget with your partner prior to making any decisions. Be sure to leave ample room for last minute additions or issues. That way, if anything arises along the way, you’ll be prepared to handle it. 


Photography by Jack Bates Photography


  1. Not establishing a backup plan


It’s the big day, you’ve found the perfect outdoor venue, and you’re teeming with excitement. But, the weather report looks bleak…it’s supposed to downpour in the afternoon. 


Without a solid backup plan, your day can be ruined. Talk to your wedding venue and planner prior to your day to determine what options they have in case the weather turns. It’s also a good idea to look into versatile options, such as wedding tents


Photography by Jack Bates Photography


  1. Skimping on the photographer


When couples look to downsize their budget, creative expression and quality is usually the first victim. 


Wedding photographer aren’t cheap, and for good reason. Through their skilled lens, they capture a day to be remembered for the rest of your life. While a wedding photographer (and videographer) may seem like a big upfront investment, hiring a seasoned professional or creative is key. Our advice: hire a great photographer, regardless of their rate. You’ll regret it otherwise. 


  1. Choosing a poor celebration space for your guests


As a guest, there is nothing worse than a packed room of people celebrating. And nothing more awkward than a sparsely filled large room.


Choosing a wedding venue that will accommodate guests in a way that’s inviting, without being packed or too empty is tricky, but the key to creating a good environment. Consider the size of your guest list when picking your ideal space. 


Photography by Jack Bates Photography

  1. Forgetting the big picture


In between tedious moments & that last minute crisis, it’s easy to forget that a wedding is just an occasion to celebrate starting a life together with the one you love. Be gracious, stay kind, and give love to your partner as you navigate the journey of planning together. 


Photography by Jack Bates Photography




Hand over the reins to us – with over a decade of experience, we’re happy to ensure that you won’t make any mistakes. 

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