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Stress and wedding planning tend to go hand in hand. There are hundreds of decisions to be made…which can be completely overwhelming. After all, there’s a reason why wedding planners exist. 

On your wedding day, it’s natural to feel anxious. It’s a big day – one that holds a lot of weight in society. Between bringing all your loved ones together and committing yourself to your partner, some see a wedding day as the biggest event of their life. No pressure.


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If there’s one thing you take away from this post, let it be this: you are a guest, not the staff. On the day of, there’s not much you can actually control – except for how much you enjoy the unique experience. Find the lightness is small mistakes and the joy in organized chaos. 

Regardless, if stress is your middle name, keep the next few tips in mind:  


  1. Embrace Your Inner Planner


It’s pretty simple – the better you plan, the less stressed you’ll feel. Stress is simply your insecurities and loose ends coming into fruition. Lean into the chaos of wedding planning, create a schedule, stay accountable, and make some moves. Prepare early and leave the last few months for last-minute tasks.

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  1.             Hire a professional


Three words: Month of Coordinator. If you’re not feeling like footing the bill for a full wedding planner, hiring a coordinator a month ahead of time will make your day run smoothly. They’ll be behind the scenes, acting as the go-to person for any problems, and generally smoothing out all the chaos in the weeks leading up to your wedding.  They’ll be the ones in charge of the vendors, assisting with guest needs, making sure you are where you need to be. Think of Month of Coordinators like the helping hand you didn’t know you needed, but are thrilled you have.


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  1.             Ask for additional help 

A few things you didn’t know you had to organize: wrangling family for photos, pulling decor for your personal keepsakes, and keeping Aunt Susan away from your niece. That’s what good friends are for. On the day of, assign your bridal party and/or friends to a specific task. They’ll keep an eye and ear on said task, giving you some room to breathe.


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  1.             Take Care of Yourself (and your partner)

Take care of yourself. A wedding day is incredibly hectic…remember to eat, drink, be merry, and take time for yourself. Sneak away with your partner and celebrate what you’ve just achieved. Take a few days off before your wedding for a breather and remind yourself what you want out of the day. 


Just remember – you’ve got this. And if you don’t (and need a full-on or month-of coordinator), you know who to call…


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