How to Take Instagram Worthy Wedding Photos

Like it or not, Instagram has changed the way we look at life. We’ve even gone as far as to identify personality traits with filters! A fan of ‘Hefe’ or ‘X-Pro II’? You more than likely have a sunny outlook on life. More of a ‘rise’ or ‘Aden’? You may be more of the hipster type.

Regardless of your filter choice, one thing is clear… we do it for the ‘gram.

From styling photos to even selecting certain details for our weddings, it’s all about Instagram wedding photos. So, how do you take those great Instagram worthy photos for your wedding?

First, start with all the details. Make it personal. Add in touches that make you as a couple, you. Do you both love Napa Valley? Serve only wines from that region. Forego the traditional greenery wall and add a wall of vines and unique wine cork place holders and you’ve added your touch. Are you both huge golf fans? Can we say bag-piper? These unique and creative details make your wedding creative, fun and effortlessly, you.

Next, add in all the candids. Posed photos are so passe´. It’s all about live action shots! Think first look, cake cutting, laughter, special caught moments. The rule is, if it evokes an emotion, it’s a ‘gram worthy gem. While posed photos are obviously necessary and you MUST do them, how often have you looked at a posed photo and felt an emotion? Ya, us either.

Finally, food. Ever been to a restaurant and sat next to a girl standing on her chair moving her phone around trying to get the best lighting on her next Instagram food picture? Ya, we’ve all been there. So, how do you make sure your guests are as enamored with your dishes? Try to give your guests as much natural light as possible. These usually render the best results. Plating is also important. Brainstorm different ways to serve the dish you have selected. Even make the kids meals fun! Serving mac n’ cheese, chicken fingers and french fries for your little guests? What about a trio plate featuring a portion of each dish? Offering several dessert options? Go for a deconstructed look instead of a slice of key lime pie or Tiramisu.

At the end of it all, remember to make it all about the two of you and your life together. The happiness will shine through and make every moment “Grammable”.

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