5 Minutes with West Palm Beach Wedding Planner Expert, Katie Arbogast

Katie Arbogast, West Palm Beach wedding planner extraordinaire by day and Fur Baby Mom/Foodie by night is the founder and visionary behind 59 and Bluebell. Katie’s creativity and eye for design are what keeps us here at 59 and Bluebell mesmerized every single day. We posed some questions to Katie to get to know her and see what makes her tick both personally and professionally.

You have fantastic style! Who would you say is your style icon?

Thank you! She’s not my icon, per say, but I love that Betsey Johnson is just out there doing what she wants and what she loves.

Betsey Johnson on the runway with a red dress

Betsey Johnson flaunting her red dress.

You’re known for taking something simplistic and giving it an unforgettable edge and can do so with minimal color or an exuberant amount of color. Curious, what is actually your favorite color?

Grey. I find it can be used in so many facets. Grey can go with so many themes and other colors. Soft grey can give a tranquil approach and integrate into a dreamy beach side West Palm Beach wedding. A hard, sharp grey can lend itself to a more artistic and elegant city affair while a blue grey can so easily transition into a rustic reception. The possibilities are endless!

If you had to name one guilty pleasure, what would it be?

Honestly, I think it would have to be the Fried mac n cheese balls from Cheesecake Factory.

Those are addicting. We all know you are a total foodie. What’s your favorite restaurant?

Definitely has to be the Olde Pink House in Savannah, GA. The food and the charm are amazing.

What about your last meal on earth, would it come from the Olde Pink House?

No. That one I would definitely reserve for Coolinary Café here in Palm Beach Gardens, their Steak and mac n’ cheese is out of this world.

Sounds delicious! Speaking of delicious, who would you say is your celebrity crush?

I’d probably have to go with George Clooney. He’s handsome, funny and charitable.

You can’t ever go wrong with Clooney, sticking with celebrities, if there was a movie made about your life who would you have play you?

Julia Roberts. She’s quirky, fun-loving, driven and a hard worker like me. Plus, the fact that she is adorable doesn’t hurt.

You both do always seem to have a smile on your face. Let’s talk weddings now. You have made yourself known as a West Palm Beach Wedding planner and guru but you do weddings elsewhere right?

Yes! While I do plan many weddings in West Palm Beach, Palm Beach, Wellington and the other surrounding South Florida areas, I can go all over. I’ve done Miami weddings, Orlando weddings and many out-of-state weddings and events as well. One memorable moment was a beautiful elopement in Charleston, South Carolina.

Bride and Groom Charleston Elopement | 59&Bluebell Weddings and Events

Jen Jar Photography

Would you say you have a secret skill to making it all happen?

Yes! Coffee! Only kidding, as far as a secret skill, I have a very keen eye and have a weird ability to see and measure space in a room which comes in handy a lot.

We see you taking brides and grooms who have no vision yet for their big day and supplying them with the exact dream they didn’t even know they had. Where does your inspiration come from?

Creativity comes from everywhere for me. In landscape, in home design, in nature… I always try to incorporate different elements  into a wedding design based on a client’s personality and their surroundings.

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