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We sat down with Palm Beach’s ultimate Floral Designer, Beth Halpern with Southern Floral Company to find out more about her, florals, best practices and recommendations for your wedding.

How long have you been doing this?

I have been in this industry for 15 wonderful years!

What made you want to get into the business?

I started out doing arrangements for friends and parties, my love for it just kept growing (no pun intended) from there.

What was the most interesting floral display you have done for a wedding?

I love doing flower walls, they can be so impactful. Additionally, the flower covered ‘XO’ was fun to do and turned out beautiful. (Picture below.)

What recommendations or tips do you have for brides who may not know what florals they want?

We are happy to help bride’s pick flowers that fit their vision for their big day.  If a bride knows her theme, venue and budget, we can find flowers that will fit perfectly.

Where should brides start with florals…decor? bouquet? why?

We recommend brides start by picking a day, time, venue and theme first.  Those elements dictate the type of flowers and displays we would recommend. This can help us get their vision accomplished best and with-in budget.

What are some mistakes you have seen brides make when choosing their flowers?

Brides often assume greens are a less expensive option but most of the time they aren’t.  Brides also come in with a big wish list without an established budget.   We can get any flowers at any time however, prices vary greatly depending on time-of-year. It is always best to ask what is in season to establish the best option for the best price.

When in the wedding process should the brides meet with you?

We recommend brides meeting us after they have chosen a venue, date, time and theme. This can help us find the florals that will fit their vision, time-of-year, venue and budget best.

What other arrangements should brides consider outside the ordinary bouquet and centerpieces that they may forget about?

Remember personal flowers for parents, grandparents, and special attendees.  Also consider flowers for your place card table, sign-in table and cake.

 How should your dress influence your bouquet? 

The style of your dress should influence the type of bouquet you should have.  For example, a boho gown would want a more organic free flowing bouquet.  The bride’s size should also be considered.  A very petite bride should have a smaller bouquet so it doesn’t overwhelm her look.

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