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Thinking about a tent wedding?

We support you.


Photography by Sara Kauss Photography


Tent weddings, a once sidelined alternative to brick and mortar ceremony spaces, are rising in popularity because they provide a blank canvas for creativity and are incredibly versatile. And who doesn’t want their wedding to genuinely reflect them?

A tent wedding begs to be designed and decorated to match the personality of the bride and groom. From collecting decor that emulates a certain mood, to using color as a centerpiece, to pulling in pieces that create an ephemeral experience, a tent allows for any scale production.

They’re also a fantastic way to guarantee that your wedding will be seamless – rain or shine. If the day is beautiful, a tent creates a multidimensional space for guests to weave between the indoors and outdoors. When that sporadic summer storm rolls in, a tent can easily transform into an enclosed space.

Finding a location tends to be one of the most stressful parts of wedding planning. A tent wedding alleviates the stress of finding a physical space and replaces it with an economical and transient setting for matrimony.

All you’ll have to worry about?  Finding a venue that allows for a tent and has ample facilities for guests.


Photography by Sara Kauss Photography


Some things you’ll want to consider when deciding if a tent wedding is right for you:

  • Venue: Each venue has different policies as to how they accommodate tent weddings. It’s worthwhile to discuss your expectations and what your dream venue can realistically produce.
  • Logistics: So, you’ve secured your tent. Does your rental company provide furniture? Did you allocate enough space for a dance floor and catering? Is your rental company planning to set up and break down the tent?
  • Cost: Hidden costs are always abound. From additional draping, to side panels, research exactly what kind of tent you want to stay within your price range.
  • Expertise: We’re shamelessly pitching ourselves to you. Here at 59&Bluebell we work with tent weddings on a regular basis. That means that we know who to refer you to, what venues cater to tents best, and how to execute a flawless wedding.

Photography by Sara Kauss Photography


Have questions about how to integrate a tent into your wedding plans? Let’s connect.

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