Location, location, location.

Celebrating the love between two people takes center stage, but a killer location play a serious role in creating that perfect day.

Choosing a wedding venue is a major decision that influences the feel and flow of an event. From the environment, to the architectural feel, to the set-up, here’s a few things to keep in mind when exploring potential venues.


1)  Your Guest List

How many people are you expecting at your wedding? You’ll want to choose your venue with capacity in mind. That way you’ll have a space that’s not cramped or spread out. Before choosing a venue, ballpark how many guests you expect, and imagine what the venue will look like once it’s set up.


2)    Physical Location

We’re always a fan of the destination (and will eagerly work with you to design your perfect day), but regardless of where you wedding will be, it’s crucial to pick a location that’s accessible for guests and vendors. Make it easy on friends and family traveling for the occasion and find a location that’s near (enough) to an airport and affordable hotels. Be conscious of parking space and ride-share transportation logistics. Sometimes, the wedding ceremony and reception are held at different sites – both locations should be relatively near each other!


3)    Budget

Before exploring venue options, sit down with your partner and create a budget to have a realistic understanding of what you can afford. Setting a budget will help narrow down options and keep you sane. Remember: your budget should consider additional costs like catering, floral design, set-up/break-down, and décor.


4) Wedding Date

There’s nothing like a spring wedding – says you and everyone else getting married this year. When you’re looking at venues, consider the date. Often, venues price their packages based on the season or day of the week. Be smart and flexible with your dates – or be ready to potentially wait.


5)    The Venue Itself

Some wedding venues are full-service, meaning they provide tables, chairs, linens – the works. Others just provide the space, so you’ll have to organize and pay for vendors and décor separately. Then there’s the question about theme. If you’re planning a seaside wedding, choose something light and airy. For more of a traditional wedding, a nice general event space or lush outdoor space should do the trick.


6)    Remember what’s important

A nice, photogenic venue is a good touch, but remember what’s important: celebrating love! No matter what venue you choose, it’s about the people you fill it with. Everything else if just a bonus.


7) Talk to a planner

Sorting through wedding venues is a key part of a planner’s job. Before looking at spaces, chat with a planner. Planners are usually familiar with local spaces, layouts, and the details that will make the event and space one to remember. They also have an idea of availability and pricing estimates. 


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Photography by Kristin Pierson

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